Top & Front Loading Kilns

Front loading kilns are more preferred and often more suitable to be used by traditional potters. When stacking shelves in your kiln it is easier to do so in a front loading kiln. It is often less of a strain and much easier for users with back problems.

However top loading kilns are are common in industry. With a top loader kiln you can look from a bird eye view at your kilns shelf and see all of your pieces of work and distribute them evenly with no blocked view.


With a front loading kiln whilst you stack from back to front your view is blocked as you load.

Top loading kilns are open and closed with a lid whilst front loader kilns are opened and closed with a door. Often their can be more damage / general damage caused.

Enamelling kilns usually are front loading kiln, and there is typically a window or an opening to view your pieces as they are in the kiln.

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